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Unemployment and Income Inequality

Unemployment in America is headline news in the U.S. As high as it is, Vinay Singh has real concerns that the actual rate of unemployment is significantly under reported

Vinay's One Way Ticket

The Age and Wage crisis in America led Vinay to write his first book, “Your Future in Pieces – The Brutal Truth: How Ageism And Income Inequality Are Destroying America.”

Want To Own Nike Sneakers Or Nike Stock?

On this episode of Tip Not Included, Host Eric Levine welcomes back Diversity & Inclusion Specialist Vinay Singh to give us a candid view of the present and future job market

Spending Your Golden Years Working At The Golden Arches

On this episode, Eric Levine is joined in the studio by Vinay Singh, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist & Author of “Your Future in Pieces – The Brutal Truth: How Ageism And Income Inequality Are Destroying America”

"Ageism and Wage Inequality are both at epidemic levels. We’ve not seen this kind of disparity in our country in modern times. Companies have done wrong by the employees for decades. Corporate leaders must stand up and challenge the blatant disparity that effects the majority of employees in America by implementing real solutions that benefits everyone, not just a few.

Until there is real compensation growth with career structure and stability, people will not be able to meet the ever growing demands of economic living. Former presidents created The American Dream for our country’s people that with hard work all Americans can achieve their dreams.

Ageism and Wage Inequality were NOT part of their vision.

We can have the dream back."


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Unfair Workforce Practices

Tactics has been masked as company non-competes and corporate talent acquisition write job descriptions in language to dissuade groups of people from applying.


Ageism doesn’t care about your gender, your ethnicity or your physical appearance. It is bred out of sheer bias toward having gained experience and lived to middle age.

Wage Inequality

Every year the U.S. government tells us about the annual wage increase. While everything else goes up in cost, salaries have not. As a result, the middle class barely exists.

Create Positive Change

Rising Middle Class in an initiative to foster new and creative ideas so citizens can take charge within the workforce and implement positive change.

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