About Vinay Singh

Vinay Singh is a Human Capital and Workforce Development strategist and advocacy professional based out of New Jersey, USA. A recruitment professional by trade, he spent his career representing and placing people into the best companies through developing deep connections with thousands of hiring executives. He applies his knowledge and passion for innovation, technology and advocacy for human equality and engages communities through social content. Today he focuses on some of most pressing issues and dives into fact-based storytelling that has grown his social networks. He graduated from The Ohio State University and New Jersey Institute of Technology and has studied at The Wharton School and New York University.

Career and Background

Vinay started his career managing portfolios of companies from all industries including Retail to Financial to Biotech and Manufacturing that were in need of finding the best talent. Working directly with the decision managers across the country in HR and IT, he learned how to advise hiring managers to look beyond just technical skills but also the deeper qualities that people display, like passion, caring, emotional intelligence and ability to learn quickly.

Trusted as a Client Staffing Advisor to many dozens of companies including:

Johnson & Johnson
Bank of America

Current state of recruitment

Today recruiters don’t call people back. Hiring managers don’t read resumes. Human Resources professionals care more about metrics than humans and CEO’s want to implement AI technology and replace human workforces as fast as possible to keep cost as low as possible.

After 2 decades of placing thousands of people in over 100 of the top U.S. companies he is on a mission to fix the broken systems that plague the recruiting and hiring processes that technology and the hyper driven economy has unfortunately developed over the past decade.

Rising Middle Class

Vinay Singh dedicates his time to developing RisingMiddleClass.com and fighting to bring back better hiring practices through promoting Fairness, Diversity and fighting against Ageism as well as working with companies in developing compensation equality for the masses.

He is on a mission to teach, uplift, advise, and inspire you with the latest knowledge and facts about the developments occurring in the U.S. workforce today.

His work can help you be more engaged; be a better interviewer, worker, and leader; and above all bring workplace-related improvements to the decision makers in corporate America and the government.

"Ageism and Wage Inequality are both at epidemic levels. We’ve not seen this kind of disparity in our country in modern times. Companies have done wrong by the employees for decades. Corporate leaders must stand up and challenge the blatant disparity that effects the majority of employees in America by implementing real solutions that benefits everyone, not just a few.

Until there is real compensation growth with career structure and stability, people will not be able to meet the ever growing demands of economic living. Former presidents created The American Dream for our country’s people that with hard work all Americans can achieve their dreams.

Ageism and Wage Inequality were NOT part of their vision.

We can have the dream back."


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Unfair Workforce Practices

Tactics has been masked as company non-competes and corporate talent acquisition write job descriptions in language to dissuade groups of people from applying.


Ageism doesn’t care about your gender, your ethnicity or your physical appearance. It is bred out of sheer bias toward having gained experience and lived to middle age.

Wage Inequality

Every year the U.S. government tells us about the annual wage increase. While everything else goes up in cost, salaries have not. As a result, the middle class barely exists.

Create Positive Change

Rising Middle Class in an initiative to foster new and creative ideas so citizens can take charge within the workforce and implement positive change.

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