Multi-generational discrimination and exploding financial inequity for the vast majority of global society must be stopped. The emergence of Inclusion-focused leadership has begun. Creating explosive innovation happens when the fire is lit inside employee desire and passion. Emotional happiness to foster new and creative ideas so companies can dominate the competition is the name of the game for emerging leaders this decade.


Vinay Singh MBA, Ed.M. is an Employee Experience Strategist & Executive Officer Advisor/Coach with a unique combination of depth in enterprise business development and academic expertise. 20 years of experience has developed the ability to listen, collaborate, design, implement, lead and execute innovative human capital projects and processes. An ambitious change agent who embraces stakeholder involvement and leverages new talent technologies and innovative organizational processes to achieve strategic corporate goals. A results-focused executive who seeks new ways to develop data-based talent acquisition, mobility, engagement and retention strategies, and inclusion programs. Proven track record of designing pilots and ideating new strategies to maximize cultural change, and diversity. As a trusted and confidential advisor to executive management, he has been consistently regarded as a deep thinker and subject matter expert whose leadership-by-example “active learning” advisory has won him repeat engagements throughout his career.

Dr. Harvey

Harvey L. Sterns, PhD, is in the Transition After Retirement Program as professor emeritus of psychology and director, Institute for Life-Span Development and Gerontology at The University of Akron. He is a research professor of gerontology, Family and Community Medicine at the Northeast Ohio Medical University
For over four decades he has addressed issues of training and retraining, career development, retirement, and age discrimination in the workplace. He is a Past President of Division 20 Adult Development & Aging of APA and the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education. Currently serves as President, Board of Governors, Accreditation for Gerontology Education Council.


Cyndy began her career in HR Marketing and Communications on Madison Avenue in New York City over 20 years ago. Cyndy has multiple years of media planning, employer branding, and human resource communications strategy experience at a management level from both the media and agency sides.
She has been recognized as one of the most influential people in the HR space by the Huffington Post, HRExaminer, and many other notable media.
Cyndy is the Managing Partner at TalentCulture, a thriving community of professionals interested in all facets of the world of work, where technology plays a role, and how culture drives the workplace.
DEI Leader Capabilities

Emotional Health * Ideation generation * Innovation and Creativity * Brave space * Reversing Ageist Culture * Smashing the Glass Ceiling * Leading By Listening * Unlearning * Critical Self-Reflection * Adult Learning * Emerging Leader Development

CQ/SQ/EQ * Higher Orders of Development * Experiential Learning * Constructive Development * Self Authoring Capabilities * Action Science * Active Learning * Developmental Feedback * Longitudinal Career Reflection * Reimaging Antiquated Processes * Acknowledge Truth

Trusted as a HUMAN CAPITAL STRATEGY Advisor to many dozens of companies including:


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