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The book is extensive hammering away at many topics that have stayed out of the public’s awareness; YOUR FUTURE IN PIECES shines a light on many issues that a large part of Americans are in the dark about, in regards to what Singh says are the Societal Root Causes of Multi-Generational Age Discrimination and Wage/Income Inequality. Companies today talk a big game on their websites, sadly, many do not practice what they preach.

After 20 years supporting and supplying talent resources to well over 100 companies and placing thousands of candidates, I have been privy to countless hiring strategies by decision makers. Unfortunately many were not what you’d imagine – and acceptable. Discrimination runs rampant in our American hiring culture. Compensation has not kept up with the increase in cost of living in decades – but the government nor corporate CEO’s ever talk about that. Thus our society is ever more clinging to maintain their social status in life and struggling to making ends meet.

YOUR FUTURE IN PIECES discusses my background and experience, the history of the American Dream and the Rise and current Falling of the Middle Class. I go in-depth about what Ageism and Income Inequality really is and most importantly how it is created and what the many mental and emotional ramifications are in society today. I take on CEO compensation too. I end my book with what solutions all different kinds of people can participate to make change happen to reverse these horrible root causes, as well as what companies and the government can do to stop our self-destructive policies and culture before it is too late.

I present a factual and experiential case where American is right now at a crossroads; America currently has the greatest wealth inequality of all developed nations on earth – FACT. If this continues, the demise of the Middle Class and the American Dream will be gone, sooner than later. This is a Multi- Generational Issue that demands everyone’s attention for the sake of our nation!

“Former Presidents created The American Dream for our country’s people that with hard work all Americans can achieve their dreams. Ageism and Wage Inequality were NOT part of their vision. We can have the dream back.” – Vinay Singh

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