Multi-Generational Discrimination and Inequity has dominated this century for the vast majority of working class people all across the globe. If serious reimagination and change are not implemented into organizational programs and policies this decade, Millennial and Gen Z dehumanization is assured.


Vinay Singh, MBA, Ed.M. is a Human Capital and Workforce Development strategist and advocacy professional based out of New Jersey, USA. A recruitment professional by trade, he spent his career representing and placing people into the best companies through developing deep connections with thousands of hiring executives. He applies his knowledge and passion for innovation, technology, and advocacy for human equality and engages communities through social content. Today he focuses on some of the most pressing issues and dives into fact-based storytelling that has grown his social networks.

Dr. Harvey

Harvey L. Sterns, PhD, is in the Transition After Retirement Program as professor emeritus of psychology and director, Institute for Life-Span Development and Gerontology at The University of Akron. He is a research professor of gerontology, Family and Community Medicine at the Northeast Ohio Medical University
For over four decades he has addressed issues of training and retraining, career development, retirement, and age discrimination in the workplace. He is a Past President of Division 20 Adult Development & Aging of APA and the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education. Currently serves as President, Board of Governors, Accreditation for Gerontology Education Council.


Cyndy began her career in HR Marketing and Communications on Madison Avenue in New York City over 20 years ago. Cyndy has multiple years of media planning, employer branding, and human resource communications strategy experience at a management level from both the media and agency sides.
She has been recognized as one of the most influential people in the HR space by the Huffington Post, HRExaminer, and many other notable media.
Cyndy is the Managing Partner at TalentCulture, a thriving community of professionals interested in all facets of the world of work, where technology plays a role, and how culture drives the workplace.
The Modern War on the Experienced Class
The Modern War on the Experienced Class
Talented, educated Gen X and Millennials are falling into the growing Underemployed Class, joining the Boomers now. Multi-Gen “Prime Ageism” biases have been baked into organizational
culture. The growing number of educated working class struggling are at the root of solving Employee Engagement and Experience. This has everything to do with Gender, Ethnic and of course, Age discrimination.

We feel leaders who continue to ignore human capital truths should not make human capital decisions.
This coming decade will define a country’s success in this century. Only strong, capable, informed experts will lead this multi-gen decade. The time for a better class of Leadership is NOW.
Creating Positive Change, Making a Difference.

Unfair Practices

To keep employees in place, wage suppression tactics have become common among many companies, including major corporations for a long time. Tactics has been masked as company non-competes and corporate talent acquisition write job descriptions in language to dissuade groups of people from applying.

Wage Inequality

Every year the U.S. government tells us about the annual wage increase (a 2.9% rate in 2018) but if inflation comes in at 1.9% (as was the case in 2018) what are you left with? This is before paying taxes! While everything else goes up in cost, salaries have not. As a result, the middle class barely exists.


It’s called Prime Ageism and it can affect anyone and everyone, which is why I believe that it is the worst and most prevalent type of discrimination. Ageism doesn’t care about your gender, your ethnicity, or your physical appearance. It is bred out of sheer bias toward having gained experience and lived to middle age.

Age and Wage Initiative
Wage Inequality and Prime Ageism are born out of unequal distribution of income and discrimination. Consequently, the disruption caused by this inadequacy leads to worker disengagement and (in some instances) a feeling of dehumanization. The outcomes on the overall health of the United States of America’s citizens are showing up at tipping points and in both corporate and government process and policies. America is at a crossroads today.

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